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06-Apr-2018Tips on Saving with Home Energy Advisor

Tips on Saving with Home Energy Advisor

We know it has been a long winter, but warmer weather will be upon us soon. A change in temperature means a change in energy usage and costs. At BARC, our goal is to serve you, our customers, to ensure you have the best tools and experience to meet your needs.

Looking for ways to save energy and money in your home? Check out the Home Energy Advisor tools available on our BARC Electric Cooperative website. These interactive tools help you zero in on opportunities for the biggest savings!

And they are customized to your personal household!

Here's what you'll find in the Home Energy Advisor Analyze Your Bill | BARC Energy Tools

The Home Energy Advisor -- A quick calculator providing an estimated breakdown of your energy use and costs by heating, cooling, water heating, refrigeration, lighting and appliances. Learn how much you can save in each area.

Billing Analysis -- Here the Home Energy Advisor incorporates your actual BARC utility bill in its calculations. Just log in to your Account, click on the “My Usage” tab and then click on “Explore Usage Management” to access your personal bill analysis.

Energy Forecast -- See the current weather's direct impact on your home's energy use and costs with the electronic "virtual thermostat" for both heating and cooling and see the daily dollar impact. Complete the home profile to pinpoint more savings opportunities.

Lighting Calculator -- This tool quickly calculates and compares operating costs of standard incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent and LED lamps.