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06-Jul-2017The Largest Public School Solar Array in Virginia Will Be 100% American Made

     Scheduled to be operational this fall, the largest school solar array in Virginia will be 100% American made. BARC Electric Cooperative (BARC) and Affordable Energy Concepts (AEC) are partnering to build over 1 MW of solar across all three schools in Bath County, Virginia. BARC and AEC previously joined forces in 2016 to build the first and only community solar project in the Commonwealth. 

     The Bath County Public School project will be the largest school solar project in Virginia, both in total capacity and as a percentage of the school system’s total consumption. It now has the unique distinction of being made in America. 

     “This project shows that high-quality American-made solar has arrived and is cost-effective even with today’s low electric rates. We are proud to promote American manufacturing through this project,” commented Mike Keyser, Chief Executive Officer of BARC Electric. “Electric cooperatives are uniquely American, having been created by President Roosevelt in the 1930s. They are a shining example of American greatness and ingenuity, just as this Virginia solar project will be.” 

     AEC President David Wall added, “The project will feature high-efficiency Seraphim USA monocrystalline solar panels and HiQ inverters, along with Ironridge and Schletter racking systems which are also made in America. Seraphim USA’s world-class panels are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Jackson, Mississippi. HiQ features the only 3-phase micro inverter made in America with the highest quality standards in the industry. In addition to being entirely manufactured in America, over 80% of the raw materials come from America, which is something we worked hard to accomplish.” 

     The Bath County schools project will feature four separate arrays across all three BCPS schools, and will provide about 56% of BCPS’s annual energy needs when it comes online this fall. 

     About BARC Electric Cooperative: Headquartered in Millboro, Va., BARC is a not-for-profit electric cooperative that serves 13,000 homes, farms and businesses in the counties of Alleghany, Augusta, Bath, Highland and Rockbridge. For more information, visit www.barcelectric.com.