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20-May-2020SCAM Alert Notice - May 20,2020

SCAM ALERT: BARC has been made aware of another scam attempt impacting our electric consumers, in addition to the notice we provided last week. Please be aware that these calls are not coming from BARC Electric Cooperative.

The latest scam attempt is in the form of a phone call using an automated system stating if a payment is not made within 30 minutes, your electric service will be disconnected. The reported number that shows on caller ID or on your phone is 800-716-8923.

Last week, consumers reported receiving calls from an individual claiming to be with "Dominion Energy on behalf of BARC Electric" requesting payment for a past-due account. This is also a scam - BARC and Dominion are separate utilities.

Do not give your personal information over the phone and if you receive one of these calls, hang up immediately.

BARC will never contact you requiring a credit card payment for your electric payment immediately.

If you receive a call and feel uncomfortable or question its validity, please hang up and call BARC at 800-846-2272 and one of our Customer Service Team members will help you.

Thank you!