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23-Aug-2018New Tool Provides Members A Visual on Monthly Electric Usage

For Immediate Release

Contact: Tish Blackwell, 800-846-2272 (tblackwell@barcelectric.com)

New Tool Provides Individual Visual on Monthly Electric Usage

BARC has released a new tool for members to visualize individual monthly electric usage. The tool allows members to access a graph displaying electric account consumption to better understand changes in usage and how weather impacts those changes. Each usage graph will show daily use during the billing cycle month, high and average temperatures, and kilowatt hours (kWh) used.

The Usage Graph can be accessed from the Customer Portal, located on our website http://www.barcelectric.com, or from the BARC mobile app.


How to Access Your Personalized Electric Usage Graph

Customer Portal: Login in to your account and select the “My Usage” tab. You will then choose “Analyze My Bill”. Enter your Account Number / User ID and Password to access your personalized usage graph.

Mobile App: From the Login screen, enter your Account Number / User ID and Password and access the graph from the My Usage tab located in the app.

We are excited to make this tool available to help you better understand how weather impacts can create higher demands in electrical usage and overall higher monthly bills. As your member-driven co-op, we want to ensure you have the best experience and tools to understand your service. If you have questions about your electric bills, our Member Services Team is always available to help. Member Services can be reached Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm by calling our office at 800-846-2272.