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09-Jul-2017It’s time! Sign up for Internet service before construction begins!

Our fiber-to-the-home pre-sale has officially begun! 

We offer two convenient ways to sign up for service before construction begins. For those who wish to self-serve online, head to our Customer Portal at http://shop.barcconnects.net, where you can review our packages and pricing and sign up online. For those who want to speak with a live person, call (800) 846-2272 and get connected to a specialist who will help you with the order process. Both options are equally effective at getting you signed up. One note: the Customer Portal is not yet compatible with mobile phones or tablets. You must use a desktop or laptop computer in order for the address locator to function properly. 

When you visit our Customer Portal, you will be prompted to select your city/locality and then enter your street address. If your address is recognized as inside the eligible area for phase 1, you will see it appear in a drop-down menu. Select it and move on. If your address is not recognized, but you believe you are inside the eligible area, pressing “Go” will take you to an online form where you can submit an inquiry for follow up. If you are not sure whether you are inside phase 1, visit http://barc.crowdfiber.com to view an interactive map. 

You can also browse our Internet, phone and cable TV packages on our website, http://www.barcconnects.net. Pressing the green “Sign Up Today” button on our website will also take you to the Customer Portal. 

Free service drops are limited to the first 1,850 orders for service, with one exception: CrowdFiber supporters who pre-registered on or before January 14, 2017 have until the end July to sign-up for service and receive a free service drop. As a reminder, in order to complete your order, you must commit to a 2-year contract and prepay the $100 in-home installation charge, either via the secure Customer Portal or over the phone. The installation charge helps recoup our costs for the fiber technician that will pull the fiber into your home and set up your service. The two-year commitment will begin when the technician completes the install. 

If you have problems or questions using our Customer Portal, please call (800) 846-2272 and speak to a live person. They will be happy to assist you with your order. We also want to know about problems with our Customer Portal so that we can quickly address them. You may also email us at support@barcconnects.net. 

For a list of frequently asked questions about the pre-sale, visit http://barc.crowdfiber.com and click on the “Updates” button. 

Thank you again for your support all these years! We are one big step forward to bringing you the world-class Internet service that you deserve!