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28-Feb-2020February 2020 Fiber Construction Update

Have you seen the daffodils springing up? You may have also seen new fiber construction springing up across the area as we continue to on-board broadband subscribers to the network.

While we wrap up construction in the remaining areas in Phase 1, we have moved full steam ahead into Phase 2. Mainline construction on the first 100 miles of Phase 2 is about 60% complete and moving rapidly now. Thayer recently began construction this week on the second 220 miles of Phase 2. Below is a table that summarizes all current and planned construction starting in 2020:

While construction is still going on in your area, be sure to take advantage of our “free service drop” promotion if you live in an eligible area. You can do this online by visiting our website http://shop.barcconnects.net or calling 800-846-2272 and one of our Customer Service team members will be happy to assist you.

We announced in January the Virginia Telecommunications Initiative (VATI) award that will help us with construction costs for project areas in Bath and Rockbridge counties. We are in the process of identifying eligible consumers now and will have additional information forthcoming.

And we will be meeting with Goshen Town Council on March 3rd to discuss the upcoming Goshen broadband project. Data collection for eligible service addresses will begin soon in this area. Once complete, we will alert consumers on what to expect during construction.

If you have any questions or concerns about the project, our crews, or anything related to BARC services, please contact us at 800-846-2272 or via email at support@barcconnects.net. You can always stay up to date on our progress by visiting http://www.barcconnects.net/news or follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BARCElectricCooperative.