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12-Feb-2019Beware of Scams

We have received word that scammers posing as representatives from Dominion, have been calling BARC members and demanding immediate payment of bills (oftentimes through a preloaded card) and stating BARC has merged with Dominion. BARC warns all of its members to NOT become a victim of this crime.

BARC will NEVER ask our members to make payment through preloaded cards for area businesses.

BARC will notify its members when payment has not been received and if disconnection of their electric service is pending.

The cooperative's member service representatives do not demand immediate payment, but can take payments over the phone when necessary.

All of BARC’s members should be aware of the possibility of being scammed. If you have questions or concerns about a phone call from someone claiming to be a BARC employee, or spreading FALSE information about a merger between BARC and another utility, report the suspicious activity to the cooperative by calling 1-800-846-2272.