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19-Apr-2018BARC Connects Television Service – A Complete Package

Construction continues on our broadband project and new customers continue to spring up along our fiber network around Rockbridge County. While many of you are aware of the high-speed internet packages your local BARC Connects has available, you need to know that we have even more to offer.

Did you know BARC Connects offers Television Packages, too? That’s right!

We are bringing a full package of broadband services direct to your home including internet, television and telephone. One-stop shopping for all of your needs are right here.


Why Choose BARC Connects as your television package provider?


We offer 4 television packages to give you the channels and experience you want:

Or maybe you are looking for a more customized package? We have you covered! Check out our Ala Carte Offerings, to add to one of the packages above.


Let us connect your high-speed fiber service and welcome you to an entirely new kind of customer experience.