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05-Apr-2018April Construction Update

Dear BARC Connects Subscribers:

As you start to venture outside after a seemingly endless winter, you will notice an increased presence of fiber crews springing into action. As we continue to connect subscribers in our northern ring, from Kerr’s Creek to Bustleburg, additional crews are arriving to ramp up production. Next week, crews will be working in Rockbridge Baths, as well as areas served off Stuart Road, Mt. Atlas Road and Decatur Road. We are still on target to activate customers throughout the northern ring over the next couple of months.



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Bundle your service for greater savings… with our broadband service, BARC Connects can offer you internet, PLUS telephone and television direct to your home. Our television packages offer you all local stations as well as all your favorite national and premium cable channels. Because it is delivered over the fiber-optic cable, our TV service is incredibly clear and channel changing is instantaneous. Enjoy an exceptional (and local) customer service experience by signing up for our TV service today.

Tell your neighbors to check their eligibility for service by entering their address into our customer signup portal . By acting now, customers who sign up for service before construction passes their area are eligible to receive a free fiber service drop to their home.