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August 2016 Newsletter August 2016 Newsletter (477 KB) CEO Article, "The Backstory on the First Community Solar Garden in Virginia," Lightning Fast Outage Reporting, Downed Power Line Safety Rules, What are all those wires?, Deer-be-gone, No Bake Cookie Recipe.

February 2016 Newsletter February 2016 Newsletter (427 KB) CEO Article, "Personalizing Your BARC Experience", In-Home Energy Audits, Caveat Emptor, Triple Chocolate Cherry Cake Recipe

January 2016 Newsletter January 2016 Newsletter (330 KB) CEO Article, "Building a Foundation for BARC's Future", Creamy Pumpkin Soup Recipe, Overview of BARC's Online Audit

January 2019 Cooperative Living January 2019 Cooperative Living (376 KB)

July 2016 Newsletter July 2016 Newsletter (3821 KB)

June 2016 Newsletter June 2016 Newsletter (499 KB) Keyser's Corner - New Ways to Report Outages, Summer Storm Preparations, Surge Protection Primer, Stop Energy Vampires with Smart Strips, Tina's Tastings "Oatmeal Bread"

March April 2016 Newsletter March April 2016 Newsletter (291 KB)

May 2016 Newsletter May 2016 Newsletter (1540 KB) Keyser's Corner - New BARC Mobile App, Plant and Plan for Safety, Notice of Meetings to Select Board of Director Nominees for Districts 1 and 3, Tina's Tastings "Old-Fashioned Oatmeal Cookies."

November December 2016 Newsletter November December 2016 Newsletter (400 KB) Keyser's Corner: "BARC Mobile App", Winter Tips, Five Gift-Worthy Holiday Gadgets, Tina;s Tastings, "Berry Cobbler"

October 2016 Newsletter October 2016 Newsletter (389 KB) Keyser's Corner - Broadband Q & A, Statement of Non-Discrimination, Announcing “Power from the Heart”, Vampire Loads, Balance Raw Eggs on the Equinox, Tina’s Tastings – Chicken Croquettes, Capital Gains

September 2016 Newsletter September 2016 Newsletter (582 KB) Keyser's Corner: Making Your Co-op Experience Worry-Free, How Many Advertisements do We See Every Day?, Pros and Cons of Heat Pump Water Heaters, Fall Hiking Gadget, Tina’s Tastings – Nan Glenn’s Hot Dog Chili

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