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Outage Updates

03-Mar-2018 Final Outage Update
As of 5pm this evening, BARC crews have restored power to over 4,550 customers affected by yesterday's windstorms. We currently are showing just over 350 customers without power. Crews will be working into the evening and night to help restore electricity. We are hoping to restore everyone's pow..
As of 8:30am Saturday morning, we now have around 1,300 members without power. We have an additional 7 crews working to help with restoration efforts. We are currently projecting that power will be restored to all members by noon tomorrow. All BARC employees and additional crews will be wo..
02-Mar-2018 Outage Update
We currently have around 2,000 members that are without power at this time. The outages are widespread throughout our service territory - to see a map of our current outages please click on "Outage Map" under the Outage menu button. We have 75 servicemen in the field working to get the pow..
02-Mar-2018 Second Outage Update
As of 4:30pm, approximately 4,750 members are without power. We have ordered additional crews from out of state to assist in our restoration efforts. They will be arriving this evening and tomorrow morning. Around 2:00pm we lost Internet service at our headquarters and we currently do not ..