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19-Jun-2017RFP for Janitorial Services - Rockbridge Offices

Request for Proposals for Janitorial Services 

BARC Connects, a startup internet service provider headquartered at 1972 Big Spring Drive, Lexington, VA 24450, is requesting proposals for weekly janitorial services.  Proposals should be submitted on or before July 7, 2017.  The contract will be awarded for a three-year period.  Questions or visits should be directed to April Tuning at (800) 846-2272.


Janitor expectations: It is expected that the janitor will perform the following services two times per week between 5pm and 9pm Monday through Friday. Exact days are flexible. 

The duties below apply to the following spaces: 

1. Three BARC Connects office spaces, comprised of cubicles and a small conference room; 

2. BARC Electric solar learning center; 

3. Hallway serving BARC Connects’ offices and the solar learning center; 

4. Exterior landings serving the BARC Connects offices; 

5. BARC Electric operations office and kitchen area; and 

6. Four (4) bathrooms. 

Each Visit: 

1. Empty trash cans and replace trash bags (as needed). 

2. Vacuum, sweep or dry mop tile and wood floors. Wet mop floors if needed. 

3. Clean/disinfect kitchen sink, and kitchen countertops. 

4. Clean/disinfect all sink, urinal and toilet fixtures in bathrooms. Wet mop bathroom floors.  

5. Place trash in dumpster, including empty cardboard boxes and other packing materials. 

6. Clean and disinfect cubicles, tables and vacuum chairs as needed. 

7. Check paper towels, soap, hand cleaners, tissues, toilet tissue and urinal cakes. 


1. Clean glass front and rear doors. 

2. Vacuum or dust general areas around offices, including, but not limited to baseboards, chair rails, empty windowsills, blinds, bathroom air intakes. 

 Annually: Clean inside and outside of all exterior windows.