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07-May-2017Message from the new BARC Connects GM

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gary Sickler and I'm the new General Manager of BARC Connects. I have been onboard now for just over 2 months. It is a pleasure for me to give you an update on the progress we have made in bringing ultra-fast Internet, telephone and cable TV service to you. 

So what's been going on behind the scenes these past few months? The answer is a great deal! We have been very busy pulling together all the pieces necessary to get this fiber project off the ground, including: 

 - Developing a highly resilient and redundant network design 

 - Setting up our data center environment 

 - Partnering with our Internet transit providers for connection to the global Internet 

 - Obtaining IPv4 & IPv6 public IP blocks 

 - Finalizing our Internet, voice and video product catalog 

 - Creating marketing material to advertise our products and services 

The main question on everyone's mind right now is "when will I get service?" We are looking at late summer to begin the fiber construction in the blue and red zones of the project. Our fiber engineering team is hard at work developing the detailed plans for the fiber build, which includes the time-consuming work of surveying every pole to which fiber will attach. Once the fiber engineering team has completed the design, and materials are ordered, we will be in a position to start construction. I expect that the fiber build will start close to our broadband headquarters at Highland Belle and proceed north to Rockbridge Baths and Raphine. 

We are also working to hire and train fiber technicians, customer support personnel, and a sales coordinator. Around mid-June, we will launch our "Pre-Sale" where those who pre-registered on CrowdFiber will be able to officially sign up for service and secure their free fiber connection. We are currently building a website that will enable customers to select their services, whether it is just Internet, or a bundled package with phone and/or TV. When the Pre-Sale begins, we will directly contact all pre-registered customers by phone and email, as well as make many announcements so that everyone who wants world-class Internet service can get it. If you prefer to sign up over the phone, we will have customer service agents available to answer questions and sign people up. 

Finally, even though we will not be in a position to start lighting up customers on our own fiber facilities until the fall, we will be a service provider on the RANA network around mid summer. Anyone who currently has a RANA fiber drop to their premises will have BARC Connects as an option for their Internet, voice and video needs. I believe you'll find our prices to be very affordable as well. 

I am so excited and humbled to be leading the BARC Connects team! I know everyone who pre-registered is anxious for us to bring ultra-fast Internet service to their home. I assure you, it's coming soon! We are steadfastly focused on delivering to you service that is fast, reliable and affordable, and with great customer service. Even though we may be a new service provider, it doesn't mean we are an inexperienced one! Our growing staff have years of experience in this industry and we are committed to delivering to you a superior customer experience. 

I look forward to providing you all with another update again in the near future. 

Best Regards, 

Gary Sickler, General Manager